Clear makeup for people with acne

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Hello everyone Let’s meet again today after a long time away. So today I’m going to do how to do it for girls with acne to see. With cosmetics that people with acne definitely can use Plus ten digits Hundreds digits


1. Prepare the skin with water pat. That helps with acne. May will apply only the acne area. Such as forehead and chin 

2. Apply sunscreen This one is very important. This sunscreen, May, was obtained from the Institute of Dermatology, the doctor gave it for a long time ufabet

3. Apply powder puff for people with acne. This brand is sold in hospitals. The same skin clinic Pharmacies also have 

4. Nourish our mouth to make it soft and sweet. This one is very hydrating, not sticky at all. The same brand of powder is sold in hospitals. Skin Clinic and Pharmacy   

Concealer & Cream blush

1. Apply concealer under the eyes and the edge of the mouth to hide dark circles. Spread with fingers To swallow the skin

2. Use a concealer that contains tea tree oil ingredients to mark the acne marks. Or acne scars that are cracking Remember to help acne collapse without clogging.

3. Apply an orange cream blush to the cheekbones. Then spread


It comes to a point where many people are concerned, namely powder. Because if the blockage is crying. Today May picked up PharmaPure Acne Solution Young Powder and applied it that was interesting. Because he put it for sale in a drugstore 

As I said, this brand is available at the hospital. Skin clinic and pharmacy tooMay previously used his body lotion to treat acne on his back. Very gentle plus the price is pretty good. So I try to use powder. It is a powder for sensitive, acne-prone skin. Monochromatic (translucent)There is no foundation, but conceals it. The color blends well with the skin. For people with acne May want you to try this one. Because it is very good and gentle on the skin. Contains vitamins and natural extracts to nourish the skin. Prevents the formation of new pimples. Reduce inflammation of acne and more importantly The price is not strong, more than 280 baht.   


Create the eyebrows according to their natural shape. 

1. Apply a brick orange lipstick all over the eyelid. Spread with fingers2.Use a pencil to draw a V-shape on the outer corner of the eye and spread with your fingers3. Move the eyeliner close to the base of the lashes.4. Apply mascara 


Powder cheeks with milk pink powder over cream blush. Not sure. Discontinued yet? But this color is very cute. 


1.Apply a thin brick orange lip Spread over the mouth2.Apply a reddish-orange lip with gold sparkle in the middle of the mouth.